There’s nothing like the ability to access the internet from every room in your house. Check your emails in the garden, shop on eBay in the kitchen, or even keep up to date with Facebook from the toilet if you really want to! Wireless broadband can make this a reality in your own home, but what exactly is a wireless internet connection and how can you go about setting one up?

What is wireless broadband?

Unsurprisingly, wireless broadband is a connection to broadband internet that doesn’t use any wires. Commonly known as Wi-Fi, a wireless internet connection requires a device such as a wireless router in order to provide you with access to the World Wide Web wherever in the house you may be.

What is a wireless router?

Routers come in all different shapes and sizes, and are either wired or wireless. These days it is easy to get hold of an affordable wireless router, as technology companies have realised that this technology is of value to almost every bustling household. A wireless router works by broadcasting the signals that come from your internet connection to a certain area. A device that is equipped with a wireless data card or a dongle, for example laptop computers, games consoles, smartphones, will then be able to pick up this signal and convert it to usable information.

Who could benefit from wireless broadband?

If you are part of a large family then a wireless broadband connection could certainly suit you well. There will be no need to run cables everywhere; instead every family member can simply access the internet from wherever their computer is.

Laptop users too could benefit from a Wi-Fi connection, as they won’t need to be restricted to sitting in one room to use the internet but can instead roam the house and surf from wherever they see fit.

However, if there is only one computer in your household that is fixed in a static position then a wireless broadband connection will be unnecessary for you. Likewise, if it’s out and about where you could really benefit from an internet connection, rather than in the home, you may be better suited to a mobile broadband deal that will allow you to hop online via the 3G network wherever you may be, at home or away from it.

How to setup your wireless internet connection

If you have decided that a wireless broadband connection would be great for you then you will need to set up a network at home that allows you to access it. Setting up a network isn’t difficult, as the majority of internet service providers will actually give you wireless equipment when you sign up for a contract that can simply be plugged in.

All that you will need to do is plug your telephone or cable line into your wireless router, install some included software from your provider and away you go! It really is as simple as that, but if you get stuck you can always contact the customer service department for some extra help.