If you are sick of those light blue cords running through your house, then it really is time to set up a wireless broadband network. When you have a wireless network through a wireless router you can browse the Internet on your laptop from anywhere in your house and even in your own backyard! Freedom from the wires means that you will free yourself from the mess and chaos and it really doesn’t cost that much more a month.

When you are setting up a wireless network there are certain things that you will need and processes that you will need to go through to get it all working smoothly. This can be daunting for a new wireless user, but it’s relatively simple and any the wireless router that you go with should have easy to follow instructions and support to help you get it all working in no time.

What you will need to set up a home wireless network is your equipment. Firstly and most importantly you will need to make sure that your desktop or laptop computer has wireless capability. If it does not then you can get a wireless network adapter fitted in the computer.  When you have done this you will need to get yourself a wireless router. A wireless router is the device that will convert your wireless connection into a wireless broadband signal. There are many different types of wireless routers and you need to ensure that the one that you choose is compatible with your other equipment and your wireless broadband provider.

Some wireless broadband plans might even come with a wireless router or give you a chance to buy one direct from that company, this isn’t always the cheapest option but it can be a very easy way to do it if you are daunted about the process of choosing the equipment yourself.

When you are ready with all the necessary elements then it’s time to set up your hardware. The two basic components of you wireless network are the access point and the wireless router. The access point is a small device that acts as the base station for your network and it emits data signals to any other computers that you fix to your wireless broadband network.

The trick to getting great signals from your wireless broadband network is the placement of the access point. Some computers will claim to deliver ranges that are very vast indoors, the actual range of the access point and wireless router in your house could be less, it really depends on distance, obstructions and possible electrical interferences – not to mention the routers ability to transmit strong wireless signals.

When you have found a good central point for your wireless broadband hardware then all you need to do is follow your equipments instructions to install and configure the software. You will find that you can explore your wireless router’s configuration menus and see what different options are available. But if you don’t want (or can’t) figure this out, don’t worry, wireless broadband is very low maintenance once it’s set up, you’ll be able to rely on a dependable connection that’s completely wire-free!