If you live in a rural area then you are probably really frustrated by your internet connection. Until recently rural broadband was not an easily accessed option and people were forced to deal with slow connection speeds with dial up internet. But now rural dwellers have more options for rural broadband which is supplied at slower speeds than in the city, or if this is not an option you can access satellite broadband if you are really removed.

Rural broadband is offered by broadband providers, to those who are living out of the metropolis area. This broadband is provided at a lower speed on a network based service. It might not be as fast as the internet you would get on a similar plan in the city, but it will still do the job saving your sanity from the frustration that can come from slow dial-up internet.

But, what if you live even further out of town and this rural broadband isn’t offered to you? Then this can be really frustrating. You seriously need to look into satellite broadband, regrettably it is still more expensive than previous rural internet options, but if you want a fast reliable service, then it really is the way to go.

Many Australians do not have access to the standard fast internet broadband services due to where they live. Satellite broadband offers these people the same access to fast internet as everyone else. Satellite broadband is a high speed internet service which connects you to the internet via satellite, allowing you to access the same high speed internet connection that previously was impossible.

Due to the high cost of Satellite broadband connections, they are only available to those living in very remote areas where access to ADSL, Cable and mobile broadband are not an option. In Australia Satellite broadband is offered to those in remote areas with a government subsidy of up to $2,750 to help them out with the cost of having access to the internet.

If you want rural broadband access, then satellite broadband really is the only option to get you the same fast internet access as you would have in the city. The prices are significantly more expensive than the ADSL, Cable or Mobile broadband costs if you were living in more urban areas, but it is the only way to access rural broadband for thousands of Australians.

After the initial set-up costs you will have a monthly charge depending on which satellite broadband provider you choose to go with. Optus Satellite broadband starts its prices at a low $9.99 per month for the first 6 months, rising to $39.95 after that six month introductory rate. This will give you a good speed of 256/64kbps plan but is does not include your download limit. Bigpond offers the same speed with a 500MB download limit for $104.95 per month.

With the proposed National Broadband network, the cost should lessen and the availability of wireless networks, rural broadband and satellite broadband should increase in the future. The government aims to significantly increase the mobile broadband networks and supply rural areas with rural broadband options and connect remote communities with affordable satellite broadband.