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Spin Broadband Plans

With so many broadband plans going around in Australia at the moment, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Spin is a newcomer into the broadband plan game – so let’s have a look at what they have to offer!

What can Spin Broadband Plans Offer You?

Spin has come about as a great alternative to many of the other broadband plans on the market. They offer a wide range of fast broadband plans to suit your budget and needs.

They are entirely Australian based, and can offer their customers 7 day telephone and email support from an Australian call centre. Their fast broadband plans include 50MB of free webspace, 12 free email addresses and free virus and scam scanning for your email accounts. Their email service is web-based allowing you to access your email wherever you are.

Some of the other things you can expect to receive as part of your Spin broadband plan include free modems and a no set up fees.

Not only can Spin broadband plans offer you exceptional coverage and fast internet but they also have fantastic prices on their Spin broadband plans. In fact, they were the winner of the 2010 Money Magazine award for the cheapest broadband plan for light users!

There are several broadband plans available through Spin, which we shall look at below.

What Spin Broadband Plans Are There?

Like most broadband plan providers, Spin offers a range of broadband plans to suit everyone – whether you are a heavy internet user or just an occasional browser.

If you want to keep your costs low, why not consider a home phone and Spin broadband bundle? By incorporating both of these services onto one bill you can expect to make significant savings. Bundled plans offer free activation fees – which can save you up to $159 on a one month plan!

There are three main types of Spin broadband plans: Starter, Shaped and Unlimited. These increase in the volume of data allowance respectively. Within each of these types of Spin broadband plans you can also specify the speed of the internet that you require.

The fastest internet they offer is ADSL2+ fast internet that offers speeds of up to 20000/1000 kbps. The maximum download per month for ADSL2+ fast internet broadband plans is 40 GB on the Shaped plan.

For a minimal extra cost each month you can get an unlimited off-peak Spin broadband plan at any speed except the ADSL2+ fast internet plan.

Spin also offers ADSL, SHDSL and wireless broadband plans with 96 percent Australian coverage.

Spin ADSL2 Fast Internet Plans

These days everyone wants the fastest internet available. The Spin broadband ADSL2+ fast internet plan is as good as it gets.

There are several Spin broadband plan packages that include their ADSL2+ fast internet. If you’re not interested in a bundle or their home phone package, then the Naked ADSL2+ Spin broadband plan is your best option. The Naked DSL service is purely and simply just fast internet with no need for a telephone line.

Their other Spin broadband plans include home phone and fast internet bundles – which can save you over $500 on your combined bills.

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