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New Optus Broadband Plans

Terms and Conditions are for 24 months, Naked and M2M

Call costs are additional. A $300 pro-rata cancellation fee applies if you cancel your broadband service within the contract term. Additional cancellation fees apply to cancel your telephony or mobile service within the contract term. All accounts must be in same name and service address to be eligible for bundle rewards. Customers who bundle with Optus home phone plan must pay a $99 connection fee (online excluded). Customers who bundle their Naked service with an eligible Optus Mobile plan must pay a $149 connection fee. Customers who choose a Naked only service must pay a $249 connection fee. Standard modems are included with all plans except the 100GB Unlimited and 200GB Unlimited plans, which include a Home WiFi modem for new customers only. A $19.95 modem delivery fee applies to all connections (online excluded). Minimum Total Cost stated is inclusive of all connection and delivery charges and payment by direct debit. Optus reserves the right to quote for non-standard installations. A $50 plan downgrade fee applies if you change to a Broadband plan with a lower minimum monthly access fee at any time during your agreement period.

Data Allowance and Usage will be counted in Megabytes (MB) and includes both uploads and downloads. If you exceed your Off Peak data allowance, all usage will be counted towards the Peak data allowance. If you exceed your monthly total data allowance or your Peak data allowance, access will be speed limited to 64kbps or 256kbps depending on your plan until the end of the billing month. Plan Data Allowance consists of Peak data for use between 12pm – 12am AEST/ADST and Off Peak data for use between 12am-12pm AEST/ADST. Peak and off peak periods do not apply for 100GB Unlimited or 200GB Unlimited plans.

Downgrade Fee: $50 plan downgrade fee applies if you change to a plan with a lower minimum monthly access fee at any time during your agreement period.

Displayed speed Speeds are based on network testing. About 70% of Optus Direct customers on the DSLD network can typically access average speeds of over 5Mbps and 76% of Optus Cable customers can access average speeds of over 8Mbps. Not applicable if your service has been speed limited. Actual speeds may be slower as many factors affect speed such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the source of the download and your location.

Wireless modem: A WiFi modem is included for new Optus Broadband customers and only with the 100GB Unlimited and 200GB Unlimited plans. If you connect to a plan with an included Home WiFi modem and then move to a plan lower than the 100GB Unlimited plan or cancel your service within 3 months of commencing the plan, you will incur a $140 hardware fee. If there are obstacles between the wireless modem and your computer, the signal may either be absorbed or reflected hence the coverage will be decreased; other products operating in the 2.4GHz radio spectrum, including microwave ovens and some cordless phones may cause interference.

Important Information for Cable customers: Equipment supplied requires mains back up which may not be suitable if you have a serious illness or condition, require disability services, have back-to-base alarm, or require an uninterrupted telephone line. In that case we may recommend alternative or additional equipment.

Non-Direct Debit Fee: A $2.20 (inc GST) per month fee may apply if account is not paid by direct debit. Customers that choose a month to month plan must pay by direct debit.

Paper Invoice Fee: Online billing will be phased in over time and may not be available to you immediately. If we have advised you that online billing is available to you and you still choose to have a paper bill posted to you, you will be charged a paper invoice fee of $2.20. If online billing is not available to you, we won’t charge you the fee. Optus will advise you of the availability of online billing before any fee is charged. For further information please see

Credit Card Fee: If you use a credit, charge or debit card to pay your bill, a 1.0% fee (inc GST) will be charged. This payment processing fee will be shown on your next Optus bill after the payment has been processed. Exemptions may apply.

Serviceability: For technical and commercial reasons not all homes can receive Optus services. Optus services are not available in all areas or in NT and TAS. Optus Cable Broadband is only available to selected homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Optus DSL Direct Broadband is only available with the Optus Local Direct Service (not applicable where a Naked plan is selected). Optus DSL Direct customers that select a Naked plan will not be able to connect or maintain a home phone service with an alternate provider.

Single bill: Optus may place one or more of your services that you have with Optus on a single bill. At point of sale you may choose to have all services billed individually. If you receive a single bill, afterwards it may not be possible to obtain individual bills for your services.

General: You must comply with our Acceptable Use policy when using the service (Appendix H of the Standard Form of Agreement) available at All applications for the service are subject to an Optus credit assessment and acceptance. All Optus supplied equipment remains our property and may be rented by you and must be returned to us upon request. Optus supplies these services to you on the terms of Optus’ Standard Form of Agreement (the Agreement). The Agreement is made up of your application, the consumer terms and the service descriptions, standard pricing tables and any relevant appendices and contains full details of the services and the terms and conditions of supply of each service including charging, billing, terms and cancellation. Copies of all the documents that make up your Agreement (excluding your application) are available on the Optus website at

Offer end date 31 July 2010 unless extended or withdrawn.

Information correct as at 31st March 2009. SingTel Optus Pty Limited ABN 90 052 833 208.

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