Compare the Best Naked Broadband Plans

Isn't it frustrating that you have to pay for a phone line when all you want is a broadband connection? With Naked broadband plans, you don't need a phone line, so you only have to pay for the service that you want.

Most Naked broadband plans offer super fast speeds and some even provide you with an internet phone service so that you get the use of a phone line without paying for one.

We've found the top 20 naked broadband plans in Australia to help you find the plan that's right for you. Use our simple comparison table to compare the best naked broadband plans on the market.

Naked Broadband Plans


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Unlimited NakedDSL no download allowances & No phone line rental. Total min cost: $1,656.00

NAKED 24m ADSL2+ UNLTD $69.00

Naked ADSL2+ Super 15 Anytime
0-24m contract options.
Choose modem or BYO.
Min total cost $1263.80

NAKED 24m ADSL2 15GB $49.95

Naked ADSL2+ Super 40 Anytime
0-24m contract options.
Choose modem or BYO.
Min total cost $1503.80

NAKED 24m ADSL2 40GB $59.95

Naked ADSL2+ 75
0-24m contract options.
Choose modem or BYO.
30GBpeak-45GB offpeak
Min total cost $1743.80

NAKED 24m ADSL2 75GB $69.95

Naked ADSL2+ 100
0-24m contract options.
Choose modem or BYO.
40GBpeak-60GB offpeak
Min total cost $1983.80

NAKED 24m ADSL2 100GB $79.95

Naked ADSL2+ 160
0-24m contract options.
Choose modem or BYO.
40GBpeak-120GB offpeak
Min total cost $2463.80

NAKED 24m ADSL2 160GB $99.95

Naked Broadband

Naked broadband means that you can have an Internet connection that does away with your landline. That’s right, no more line rental to pay meaning you can save money right from the start.

But does that mean you can’t make phone calls anymore? Or that you have to use your mobile for all calls? Not at all. Let’s take a look at how it all works.

Naked broadband plans give you superfast ADSL2 Internet connection through a telephone line. But because the service uses the copper wires in the telephone without the need for a voice service, you don’t need to pay for line rental anymore.

If you still want to make phone calls from a handset then you can take advantage of the latest VoIP technology which allows you to make the phone call using your Naked broadband line.

What Does It Mean?

The bottom line of all this is that you can save money on phone calls, both local and international, and avoid the cost of a normal line rental, but still get the same services you were using before. It’s like a no phone line Internet service.  Let’s look at each part of this.

How Does It All Work?

First of all you will need to have a phone line leading into your house. It just has to be there, but you do not have to pay line rental fees for it. The Internet connection will utilise the copper wires in the phone line to connect to your computer and access the Internet.

You can still make phone calls too. Just hook up a special handset to your modem and presto, you can make your phone calls over the Internet too. This is called VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol to be more technically precise.

If you don’t want to make VoIP phone calls, you can use your mobile instead.

Naked DSL providers will give you all the information you need as well as assistance in setting everything up.

Naked DSL providers have a huge number of Naked broadband plans to suit every usage pattern. It is the same as choosing an ADSL or cable Internet plan. You should estimate how you will be using your service so you can choose the right plan. This will involve estimating how many hours you surf the net, how many e-mails you send and receive, whether you play games online and how many songs and movies you will usually download.

Are There Any Limits?

You need to port your telephone number to your new Naked DSL provider and the line needs to be checked for clarity so that any interference or white noise levels will not interfere with your Internet connection. This is a physical test which will be performed by your provider.

Naked broadband may not be available in all locations. But each provider provides a checker on their website. Once you’re on their website simply enter your phone number or postcode and the answer will appear on your screen.

If you have a fax operating at home then you will need a separate phone line because Naked DSL does not use an active phone line with a dial tone. A fax machine needs this, so you will need a dedicated line.

The only other limits you will need to be aware of are those that are a part of your chosen plan. The plans are geared around your expected usage so data limits will apply.