Have you heard about naked broadband but you are not really sure how it works and if it would be right for you? Then it’s time you found out! Naked broadband is a great option for many people, but you do need to make sure that it is available to you in your area as to not disappoint.

Naked DSL (or naked broadband) is an internet service without the need for a telephone service. This is particularly good for those of you who don’t have a landline at home, and use your mobile phone for all of your calls.  Naked DSL makes for an affordable, high speed ADSL or ADSL2 broadband connection that does not require the land line rental.

It is a little bit more expensive than the straight ADSL or ADSL2 bundled packages, but when you factor in the money that you save on land-line rental the naked broadband could actually end up saving you money.

The naked broadband is a service that uses the standard copper telephone lines that are connected to your property (this works without official connection of that telephone line) to deliver a constant high speed and quality connection to the internet. It is very simple to use and to set up, the only hardware that you need is a naked DSL modem and if you are networking or choosing to go wireless, you will also need a compatible naked broadband router. This equipment can be purchased at any good computer or electronics store.

Naked DSL is generally restricted to a few competitive plans but competes directly for your consumer attention with cable internet. Cable internet is often a little bit more expensive than naked broadband, but it is also that little bit faster. And when looking at the comparisons you will see that naked DSL gives you more flexibility and a starting price of a lot less money over the starting costs for Cable internet. Cable internet providers don’t often offer much choice, some offering only a single high-speed plan at a high price but then you do have the option of bundling your plan with your pay-tv.

Naked broadband is not suited to everyone, but it really is a great option for many. You need to check with your provider if Naked DSL is going to work for you. There are a few factors that must be considered and firstly that is availability. Secondly, you will need to check the distance between your physical address and the nearest DSL access multiplier – you might be able to get naked DSL, but is it going to be fast enough? If you are too far away from the DSLAM then you aren’t going to enjoy the fast speeds that you are promised or that you are paying for.

Whether you end up going with Naked DSL or not in the end, it is definitely worth doing some research into. It is an easy way to provide your household with fast reliable internet and good download limits and there are some very competitive plans on the market that will ensure you are getting a great deal!