logitech-squeezebox-boomWe’ve recently had the chance to test the Logitech Squeezebox Boom music player which is a all-in-one network music player for getting your digital music out of your computer and to the places you want them most around your home.

What it does in a nutshell

  • Internet music player that plays digital music streamed wirelessly from your PC or Mac.
  • Provides direct access to hundreds of internet radio stations from around the world
  • Can be controlled via unit, remote and music server on your PC or Mac.

The highlights

  • Easy way to access your existing digital library including many formats such as iTunes and hear them around the house.
  • High quality rich sound and bass from compact design.
  • Highly portable. With only a power cord required and the small single piece design it is easy to move the unit around your house as required. Move it from the bedroom to kitchen or out to the deck with ease.

The lowlights

  • The RRP at $649.95 is a bit steep and would warrant consider alternatives but if you shop around you should be able to get a much better price than the RRP.
  • Would be nice to use a wireless ‘n’ connection for more range and speed. That said, the wireless ‘g’ connection is sufficient for high quality music files.

Detailed Review:

Set up:

The Boombox Pro comes as a single unit which helps with the set up process.  There is nothing to do in terms of putting the unit together, just take it out of the box and plug it in.

The next step of the set up process is to hook the unit up to your wireless network (or plug in directly via an ethernet cable).


At first glance the all in one black design looks very similar to some of Logitech iPod docks but a closer inspection shows a high quality solid construction

Ease of Use:

Sound Quality: