iinet broadbandAustralian broadband provider iiNet has continued to push ahead within a competitive market and take a larger slice of the market.  In the last half of 2009 over 20,000 new subscribers were added to the iiNet books and earnings came in above expectations.

The addition of the 20,000 plus new users means iiNet took over 18% of all new broadband connections in that six month period and sees them chasing TPG for third place in the market.

Top players such as Telstra and Optus have a natural advantage through the dominant market positions, TPG have choosen to focus on value and price while iiNet have choosen to focus on quality and points of difference such as VOIP, their BOB home broadband hub and high speed connections by installing their own hardware to exchanges in metro areas.

There range of  iiNet broadband plans including naked DSL seems to be one of the main attractions to the service. The BOB broadband hub service is a combined modem, wireless router and VOIP phone which makes what used to be seen as a complex set up easily understandable by the mass market.