Compare the Best Cable Broadband Plans

If you live in cable connected area, then you are able to access some of the fastest broadband plans in Australia direct through the high speed cable network.

Our broadband team has found the best cable broadband plans on the market to make it really easy for you to find the best cable broadband plan for your needs.

Cable Broadband Plans


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Cable Broadband

Cable broadband provides a high-speed Internet connection through a direct link to your computer. Unlike ADSL there is no line sharing involved as the cable is dedicated to one purpose alone.

The difference between cable and ADSL is that the cable from your exchange is shared by as many people who wish to take up a cable broadband plan, whereas ADSL transmits down your existing telephone line. In theory cable Internet connection will run faster than ADSL but there are technical reasons why this will probably never really happen.

This is because the cable is shared with users in your neighbourhood and where there are many users online at the same time the speed can be severely limited. In fact the connection can vary from minute to minute because of this. To get around this problem most Internet service providers will cap the speed to ensure that there is enough bandwidth to be shared equally by all its customers.

So, although cable is able to run much faster than ADSL, the fact is it doesn’t get much faster at all.

Another thing that can limit your speed experience is the capacity of your own computer equipment. If your home network is not capable of matching the Internet connection speed then your performance will be lowered.

How Is Cable Installed?

You can have your cable broadband easily installed by your cable broadband provider or else you can install it yourself.

In the first place, your provider will have to install the cable to your household and run the cable to the point at which it can be connected to your computer. This simply involves plugging the cable into a modem and then plugging the modem into your computer.

Installation software will be provided by your provider so you simply place the CD into your computer and it will install itself.

If you have other computers in the house you will need to hook them up as well. You will do this with a router. The easiest method is to install a wireless router which again can be self installed with its own CD. The wireless router will then be able to connect with every other computer in your house and your home network is instantly set up!

When using a wireless router you’ll need to ensure that it is password encrypted. This simply means that you will use a high level password so that only the computers in your home will be able to connect to your wireless network. Using a wireless router means that it will be visible to other computers in your neighbourhood, and if you do not have a secure password then you could soon find yourself sharing your service with neighbours! And that’s something you don’t want to share!

What Plan Should I Choose?

When choosing your cable broadband plans think carefully about how you will be using your connection. Make an estimate of how many hours you surf each day, how many e-mails you send and receive, whether you want to download a lot of music or movies, and whether you or your family members want to play a lot of online games.

Remember you can also package your Internet service with other phones in your house. This way you can take advantage of discounts and special offers.