When we talk about broadband internet we are actually talking about a technology that supports a wide range of frequencies that are suitable for both the home and the office. Broadband refers to an internet connection that is high speed and high quality. Broadband plans come in different types, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL internet), Cable broadband and Naked and wireless broadband.

It is more likely than not that you will end up with ADSL internet at your place, the coverage is great if you live in the city and it is offered in affordable broadband plans by many different providers. ADSL internet is delivered through your existing telephone line using special hardware called a modem and then transferred through a router. One of the great features about ADSL internet is that your internet connection is always live, and it doesn’t interfere with your voice calls at all. You have instant access to the internet without any of the hassle of dial up internet, and the broadband plans that are available on the market for ADSL internet are some of the most competitive offering great download allowances, speeds and affordability.

With some broadband plans ADSL internet connection can be converted into a wireless connection with the use of a router. This means that you will no longer have to have cables running from your modem to your computer or lap top and you will be able to access the internet from anywhere in your house. ADSL is not available to everyone, it depends on your area and how close you are to the exchange.

There are also ADSL2 broadband plans available on the market, these plans have much faster download speeds and it is available to more customers and therefore becoming the more popular ADSL internet option and is widely used throughout Australia.

Recently broadband plans have started being offered for a different sort of ADSL internet connection. This is called Naked DSL, it gives you all of the features of ADSL internet and allows the user to forgo paying any line rental. Usual ADSL2 and ADSL internet plans require you to have a phone line for the connection to be transmitted through, now with Naked DSL you will pay more for the service – but you will pay nothing in terms of phone line rental.

Cable broadband internet is different to ADSL internet as it is offered through different providers and transmits signals through different hardware. In Cable broadband your internet signal is transmitted through an Ethernet cable, which is a thin blue cord which connects your computer to a particular modem. It provides service to a lot of different areas and you can still operate your home phone at the same time making it ideal for families and high internet usage phones. As with ADSL internet, cable broadband providers offer a large selection of broadband plans and deals for you to compare and choose from.

There are so many different broadband plans on the market; you should start by deciding which type is right for you and finding out which types are available in your area. Once you know whether you want to go with ADSL internet or cable broadband etc. Then you will be able to compare the right broadband plans and get the best savings for you and your family.