When it comes to choosing which broadband plan is right for you, it’s not just the price you need to be considering. One of the key factors that should be assessed when it comes to choosing your plan is the broadband speeds.

All of the internet providers that you will compare will quote their broadband speeds as a key part of their advertising of the product. When you are considering what broadband speed is right for you it can get very confusing with a whole lot of numbers and letters that can seem like a foreign language. You will read about upload speeds, megabits and speed tests all in relation to getting you fast broadband, but what does it all mean?

Your broadband speeds are measured per second in megabits, which will be written as Mb or Mbps. Don’t get this confused with megabytes, which are written as MB, this is the amount of download allowance.

If you are trying to figure out which fast broadband plan is right for you then you need to understand what this speed allows you to do on your computer. The broadband speed refers to the download speed at which websites, programs, music etc are transferred between the internet and your computer.  Home broadband speed is generally between 8Mbps to 50Mbps, but there are plans that are being offered which are now even over 100Mbps as people realise how good fast broadband is and are increasing their usage.

So, for you to choose which broadband speed will be right for you so that you have fast broadband you need to first consider what you will be using your internet for. If you use your connection to do some general internet shopping, browsing, email checking and chatting then the slower broadband speeds like the 8Mbps packages that are offered by any of the broadband providers will definitely suffice.

However, if you plan on downloading some big files, or a lot of files, or if you like to watch a lot of live streamed content or if you use video calling, then you are going to need a faster broadband. The packages that offer broadband speeds of around 24Mbps is probably a good place to start if you want to experiment with these sort of applications online. If you are already well schooled at using them then you will want to go even higher to ensure that you get fast broadband that suits your needs.

Generally the best plan is, if you think you or your family is going to be downloading a lot of content then it is definitely worth looking at getting the fastest broadband speeds that your budget will comfortably allow.

So, now that you understand the broadband speeds in terms of downloads, you might be wondering what the upload speed is. Upload speed refers to the speed at which data is uploaded onto the internet – this refers to things like uploading your photos onto Facebook or other social networking sites. Broadband upload speeds are much slower than download speeds.

This is because the average users download a lot more content than they upload. If you are going to be doing high volumes of uploading then you will need to consider these numbers when you are trying to choose which plan is going to give you fast broadband.