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By purchasing services such as home phone, mobile phone or even mobile broadband from the same provider, you can literally save a bundle.

Our team of experts have scoured the web to find you the best broadband bundles on the Australian market. Take a look at the comparison table below to compare the variety of services on offer to find the best broadband bundle for your needs.

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Broadband Bundles Explained

If you’re looking at saving money on your phone and broadband bills then look no further than a broadband bundle. So what are they, and how can they save you money? Let’s have a look…

How do Broadband Bundles work?

Essentially, broadband bundles are a way for you to combine your broadband plan with other plans with the same provider to make things both cheaper and easier for you.

By purchasing a broadband bundle you no longer have to deal with two or three separate bills or companies – but instead have it all neatly packaged into one monthly bill.

The service you receive will be exactly the same. If you currently have a super-fast ADSL2 broadband plan and want to bundle it with other services then you will continue to receive the same quality service, just better value for money.

What can you have included in your Broadband Bundle?

Generally most people choose to have their broadband plan bundled with their mobile phone and/or landline plan. In most cases you can mix and match between these three to custom make your broadband bundle.

Becomingly increasingly popular is the option to have mobile broadband included in your broadband bundle – so you can stay connected wherever you are!

Just as standard broadband, mobile phone and landline plans come with a range of options including calls, SMS, data allowance and more – as do broadband bundles. Most broadband plan providers will be able to offer you somewhat personalised broadband bundles that best suit your usage and budget.

Look out for added bonuses included in some of the available broadband bundles that can help you save even more money.

How about a free modem, free line rental and free local calls? Yes please!

How can Broadband Bundles save you Money?

While broadband bundles make paying bills much easier each month – we have to be honest. The main reason people choose a broadband bundle is to save money! So how do they do it?

By offering their customers broadband bundles, the providers are securing your business in two or more areas ensuring your business is with them and not their competitors. This is great for them, but even better for you!

These days we heavily rely on telecommunications. How many of us get anxious if we leave our homes without our mobile phones or the internet stops working briefly? I know I’m guilty! But this doesn’t mean you should be paying more than necessary to get your ‘essential’ services.

If you currently have a broadband plan and think that you are paying too much then have a shop around for a broadband bundle to see how much you can save. You may be surprised.

What are the Disadvantages of Broadband Bundles?

After reading this so far you may just be itching to sign up for a broadband bundle! However you need to be aware of the disadvantages of broadband bundles.

A broadband bundle means that you are committed to one provider for all of your services. Some providers may offer fantastic broadband plans, but their mobile phone plans aren’t quite as reliable. Can you afford to settle for second best? If you’re running a business then telecommunication reliability is a must. So if quality comes before great value, then be careful when shopping for broadband bundles. There are great ones out there – just make sure you find them!

Finally, there are limitations to broadband bundles. Whereas on your normal broadband plan you may be able to easily chop and change your plan each month to suit you – this could become more difficult with a broadband bundle.

Best thing to remember – always read the small print!