When you first get your broadband plan it can be easy to get carried away and download large amounts of media which will quickly use up your download limit. If your broadband plan has a usage cap then you need to make sure that you stay on top of how much of your limit you are using, if you go over your limit you can start incurring huge excess download fees, depending on the terms and agreements of your broadband plans.

The best way to avoid excess use charges is to make sure that you choose the download limit and the broadband plans that are best suited to your family. If you want to download media and play computer games then you need a higher end plan and you should definitely look into what unlimited broadband plans are being offered.

When you are looking at and comparing broadband plans, it is good to look at the different options that are out there. Not all broadband plans will start charging you extra for each MB of data that you download over your monthly limit there are unlimited broadband plans out there which are always worth a look.

Some broadband plans shape, or slow down, your ability to download images and websites. You won’t get charged extra, but you will definitely know when it has happened. You won’t be able to download any big files anymore and you will definitely notice that your broadband usage has slowed right down. It is much better this way because you will know that you have overused your account and you won’t be being charged any extra – but you will still be able to use the internet connection, even if it is considerably slower.

All of the best tips that I can give you to avoid excess use charges are very simple, and they all come down to one thing – being aware of how much you are using so that you can make sure you don’t go over your limit. If you share your broadband connection in a household with a few different people you will need to be wary of each other’s internet habits, and keeping your kids reigned in so that they respect the limits of your broadband plans.

The best way to avoid any excess usage charges if you are on one of those broadband plans is simply to monitor your usage. Most ISP’s have specific online tools that will help you monitor your usage and tell you how much you have left, you can get little tools that sit in your task bar so that you always know what is being used.

Be aware of which sites have high data usage, generally online gaming sites and live stream or video streaming use a lot of your usage allowance, if you want to be using these sites regularly then you want to ensure that you research into broadband plans that will give you the limit that you need so that you don’t spend a lot of money on excess usage fees.

The best way to protect yourself from extra charges is to make sure that you compare broadband plans and choose a plan that is suited to you. If you find that you are going over your limit or getting shaped a lot I’d strongly suggest looking into the unlimited broadband plans, they are more expensive but they will give you unlimited access to the sort of online experience you want.